Why ISO 26262 Is Only the Beginning to a Safer Autonomous Vehicle  

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Why ISO 26262 Is Only the Beginning to a Safer Autonomous Vehicle  

The autonomous vehicle (AV) industry should view the delivery of safe journeys as its primary mission. First, protecting the public from hazards is the right thing to do. Second, without evidence of and emphasis on safety, the public will neither trust nor accept AVs on the road.

Recognizing the need for safety, many industry participants have converged on functional safety and the standard ISO 26262. However, two additional aspects – the Safety of the Intended Functionality and cybersecurity – are equally important and necessary to support the safe-journey mission.


Download the Guide for more information about:

  • Functional Safety Within the Automotive Industry

  • Safety of the Intended Functionality (SOTIF)

  • Verification & Validation, Cybersecurity, and Safety-Critical Design

  • The LHP Ecosystem for a Trustworthy Autonomous Technology

  • Answers: How Safe is Safe Enough?

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