HIL Test System

The LHP Hardware-in-the-Loop Test Platform (LHP/HTP) leverages tools, experience, and partnerships with National Instruments and MathWorks combined with the LHP Engineering Solutions body of knowledge to deliver powerful test assets at reasonable costs. The HTP uses NI hardware and software (LabVIEW/VeriStand/TestStand) to deliver extraordinary I/O capability, processing power, test management, user interfaces, and reporting. The HTP runs a Simulink real-time plant model which provides capabilities to faithfully simulate normal plant operation or complex fault conditions. The system architecture, DUT interfaces, and signal conditioning are custom configured for each application while leveraging re-use of LHP developed solutions 


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Indispensable Extensibility

LHP has designed a 3 Tier Test Environment Architecture approach to providing test solutions to our clients:

  • TIER 1 - HTP Manual Testing Architectural Model
  • TIER 2 - HTP Automated Test Architectural Model
  • TIER 3 - HTP Reconfigurable Automated Test Architectural Model


Client-selected options extend each architecture tier to further tailor the system to meet the requirements based upon blocks that each build up to the next tier. Thus, the HTP can be made extensible and grow according to client needs. LHP Engineering Solutions can provide a basic open loop system, a closed loop automated system, a complete data-driven total test automation system with traceability to requirements, as well as variations to those architectural tiers.

Hardware Configuration For Engine Control Module Testing

  • NI PXIe/PXI chassis with Xeon 8-Core controller with Virtex-5 FPGA  

  • I/O capability to handle multiple 

  • ECMs

  • Gigabit Ethernet interface

  • Analog, digital, PWM, timing, VR and hall effect speed signals

  • Arbitrary signal generation for Engine Position Signal patterns

  • Engine synchronous data acquisition

  • Real-time plant model at 1kHz loop rate

  • DUT Power Supply 0-80 VDC at 60 A (115 or 230 VAC input), 1200 W max

  • ITT-Cannon DL Series ZIF connectors at bulkhead interface

  • Modular Signal Conditioning to allow easy adaptation for multiple DUT platforms

Demo Unit I/O Channels:

  • 28 fuel injector loads with timing and current measurement capability

  • 4 CAN 2.0B busses with “rest of bus” simulation

  • 96 analog outputs – 32 digital outputs

  • 8 analog inputs – 33 low current loads

  • 2 frequency outputs – 4 frequency inputs

    Front panel interface:


  • Test points for all analog outputs

  • LED indicators for digital outputs and loads

  • Test points with current measurement output for injector loads

  • Test points for all Frequency I/O

  • Access to CAN buses

LHP Engineering Solutions can deliver a complete test solution to meet your requirements. Contact LHP to discuss how our engineers can quickly develop and configure your test systems, create plant models, and create data-driven, portable, and re-usable test scripts that will take your testing to the next tier.


Software Applications and Products

Software Applications and Products

LHP Engineering Solutions brings a total system capability of skills and services to provide customers with a broad range of development options for their software products and applications.

Maintenance and Support

Maintenance and Support

LHP commits to serving our customers with product maintenance and support throughout their application development and product life-cycle. When customers receive our products, they get assurance that they will be served and supported by LHP throughout the life of the product.

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