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Our Purpose 

LHP Training exists to provide dynamic, industry-relevant, hands-on training in technical and business skill domains to engineering professionals at any career point. We strive to build relationships that benefit our alumni, LHP Engineering Solutions’ customers, and the entire engineering profession alike.

Hands-on Training

Hands-On Training

Students will learn on a live bench with the technology that real OEM's and suppliers are using in today's vehicles. 

Soft-Skills Development___

Soft Skills Development

Not only does LHP teach technical skills, but soft skills development, such as project management, presentation skills, and teamwork are embedded into every training. 

Interview & Job Prep

Interview & Job Prep

LHP's team helps each and every candidate prep their resume and hone in on interview skills to aid in job placement beyond LHP training. 

Network of 750+ Engineers

Network of 750+ Engineers

LHP Training's alumni network reaches across the U.S. and various countries around the world of working engineers who have all been where you are today. 

Team of Skilled Instructors-2

Team of Skilled Instructors

LHP's instructors have years of experience in the automotive and embedded industry implementing the latest technologies.

Training on the Latest Technology

Training on the Latest Technology

LHP is committed to bringing the latest technologies in the automotive world to life in a  hands-on learning environment. 


Is LHP Training the Right Fit for You?

LHP brings training and talent development to engineers across the entire experience spectrum. LHP specializes in kick starting and re-tooling engineering careers. 


Engineering Graduates

For a recent engineering graduate coming out of school, our program at LHP offers an opportunity to be immersed in a real-world, project-based engineering environment. They will be part of a team, either as a leader or a participant, that works together throughout the project. As a team, trainees will learn to overcome the challenges that occur in any real-world engineering project.

The recent engineering graduate and their team will then have the opportunity to present their well-developed solutions for project deliverables to a group of engineering managers that LHP invites to Demo Day. This creates a highly beneficial, real-world learning environment for a recent engineering graduate.


Workforce Re-Entry 

For an engineer who may have left the workforce for any reason and is now looking to restart their career, there will be hurdles to overcome. The challenges they face include having been out of the workforce for varying periods of time, knowing again how to present to a hiring manager or a recruiting manager, and re-establishing the experience that they have already had in the industry.

At LHP, we recreate the engineering experience to really ramp that engineer back up. The program prepares the engineer in terms of technology, in terms of working on a team, and in terms of being able to deliver a project. This program is a great option for someone who is looking to really accelerate that process of re-entering the workforce.


Re-Engineering Your Career

For engineers that have been out of school for a period of time and already have a role in the workforce, yet are looking to explore new engineering spaces, such as autonomous technology or controls engineering, and aren't sure how - LHP can help. At LHP, our training courses give you the opportunity to gain experience and learn the technologies needed to break into a new engineering field. LHP also provides engineers access to staffing agencies and hiring managers in those advanced technologies. Taking advantage of the LHP training programs, development programs, and networking opportunities can help experienced engineers who are looking to re-engineer their careers.



Available Courses 


Course: Intro to Autonomous Mobility 

Become on-the-job ready with the basics of perception, localization, control, and technology integration in six weeks. Control your future in the autonomous mobility megatrend. Stand out in the market by describing how you integrated sensor technologies and programmed code to run an autonomous electric vehicle. Be ready to perform on day one of your new career.


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Course: Fundamentals of Automotive Functional Safety Control Systems Using ISO 26262

The Automotive Functional Safety bootcamp is six weeks of intense, hands-on training and coaching that will get you ready to face and implement the newest safety standards in the automotive industry. This program is designed for any engineer who is ready to take the next step to become a controls engineer and work in the connected transportation space. 


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Training Designed to Meet Your Needs

Every person is different, and training isn’t one size fits all. That’s why we offer a variety of training program options.


Weekday Full-Time Student 

The full-time program is designed for anyone who is currently job searching, between jobs or has just finished a university degree. This program mimics a full-time, 9-5 work environment for participants to collaborate in teams to find effective solutions.

Students will perform modules full-time on a Monday–Friday schedule.


Nights & Weekends

The nights & weekends program is designed for engineers who are looking to develop their professional skills after hours; whether it’s after your 9-5 job, university studies or busy schedule, this program will allow you to train in a new skill set while maintaining current responsibilities.

Students will perform modules over an eight-week period of Wednesday evenings and Saturday/Sunday sessions.


You can choose webinar modules from one hour to multiple hours to a series of sessions, using them as building blocks of learning for your team.


LHP Training is Proud of our

100% Job Placement 

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Getting a hands-on working experience with the autonomous vehicle sensors such as Lidar, Camera, Radar and Sonar, and developing a Python code for each sensor to navigate the vehicle in different conditions is the best part of the training. People who have interest in autonomous mobility and newly graduated students who are struggling to find a job should join in this training!
Sai Avinash Chintalapati
Intro to Autonomous Mobility Alumni
I will highly recommend this Autonomous Mobility course for those who are car enthusiasts and planning to pursue their career in the ADAS/Self Driving field!
Priyanka Dhurpate
Intro to Autonomous Mobility Alumni
LHP Training is a great launch pad to start a professional career in the automotive domain!
2019 Embedded Controls Graduate
LHP training provides the necessary background to launch a career in Autonomous Vehicles. Be prepared to work hard and make the best of it! The LHP staff puts their best foot forward to help you achieve your goals.
Omesh Sankpal
Intro to Autonomous Mobility Alumni
Great opportunity to learn all about controls system and software development tools within six weeks - highly recommended!
2019 Embedded Controls Graduate
The Intro to Autonomous Mobility course at LHP is an excellent opportunity for a smooth transition from college life to professional (industrial) life!
Intro to Autonomous Mobility Alumni
This training gave me multi-disciplinary (control engineering, functional safety, soft skills) knowledge, and I enjoyed it! Six weeks passed so fast!
2019 Embedded Controls Graduate

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