AUTOSAR On-Demand Webinar: Complete Series  

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AUTOSAR: The Complete On-Demand Webinar Series 


With autonomous vehicle systems on the horizon, scalability and reliability are just two of the numerous results achieved by implementing the AUTOSAR methodology. This automotive software process solves the issue of accelerating the development of in-vehicle electronics and time to market.

Complex electronic systems built using the AUTOSAR process effectively manage the growth and ever-growing features as our world turns to autonomy. The development of new products containing much of the same functionality now becomes flexible by re-using previously validated software code.

Implementing AUTOSAR into your software plan is no easy task. Not only are the tools expensive, but the inexperience level of your engineering teams can impact costs by 200%. Early adoption of AUTOSAR and training your teams are critical to mitigating labor costs.

Join LHP’s Dr. Steven Fraser, Ph.D., for a look at the AUTOSAR methodology and the challenges and opportunities organizations face when adopting this technology.

Topics covered in this complete on-demand webinar series include:

  • The Automotive Industry's Perspective on AUTOSAR
  • AUTOSAR Software Architecture
  • AUTOSAR’s Impact on Organizations

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