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On-Demand Webinar:

Embedded Cybersecurity
for Executives

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Cybersecurity Executive Overview


This executive-level webinar is aimed at providing product and engineering leaders with insights into the complex realm of Cybersecurity and its importance in achieving product safety and success in any manufacturing environment.


Defining Cybersecurity and Its Importance to Achieving Electric Vehicle and Autonomous Vehicle Safety

We will explore cybersecurity from both an engineering and manufacturing perspective, defining what cybersecurity is and why it exists, and sharing the impacts on your business of both cyber-related vulnerabilities and effective cybersecurity responses. We will examine the scope and impact of relevant regulations and outline a practical step-by-step roadmap for achieving effective cybersecurity.



  • What is Embedded Cybersecurity?
  • Reasons for Cybersecurity Regulation
    • Cyber Vulnerabilities vs. Liability
  • Cybersecurity Regulation Landscape
    • A Brief Overview of Automotive Standards
      • ISO 21434 Standard
      • UNECE WP.29 Regulation 155, 156
    • Comparison to non-Automotive Standards
    • Relation to Automotive Manufacturers and Suppliers
  • Cybersecurity Roadmap
  • A Breakdown of the Business Impact of Cybersecurity
  • Your Next Steps
    • LHP’s Capabilities

Webinar Host:

Avatar-Kelly Stephenson-Circle-1500x1500

Kelly Stephenson


Solutions Architect, Cyber Security

Kelly joined LHP in 2022 as a Solutions Architect in Cyber Security and brings over
30 years of engineering experience in automotive and industrial IoT products.
Kelly is an innovative security engineer with extensive cybersecurity and
software development experience within automotive design markets. Kelly has
experience incorporating cybersecurity standards and processes such as ISO 21434
and UNCECE requirements into all systems to help ensure safety and security of all designs.
Kelly has worked with organizations such as Toyota Industrial, Ford, Cummins,
John Deere, Vantage Mobility, and Xalt to provide various solutions.

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