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On-Demand Webinar: Is the Latest ISO 26262 Standard Impacting Your Business?


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On-Demand Webinar: Is the Latest ISO 26262 Standard Impacting Your Business?


The ISO 26262 automotive functional safety standard provides guidance for OEMs and suppliers to follow, ensuring each vehicle system reaches the highest safety standard. All on-highway vehicles, including motorcycles and semi-trucks, now fall under the latest guidelines of the ISO 26262 standard. OEMs and suppliers alike are adopting the standard in order to manage safety-critical systems and achieve functional safety compliance.

The additional workload involved when adopting ISO 26262 does have an impact on business.

The ISO 26262 standard offers state-of-the-art processes and can be challenging to understand and implement. While these standards are not yet legislation, many large automotive companies are enforcing them internally and with their vendors.

Download this on-demand webinar for a high-level overview of the ISO 26262 standard and how it impacts organizations like yours.


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