Jeff Bodeau

Jeff Bodeau

Jeff joined LHP in 2022 bringing over 28 years of engineering & programmatic experience in all areas of the product lifecycle development. He is a Senior Principal Systems Engineer working as a consultant to our Customers on Automotive Functional Safety Projects and Aerospace Projects. Before coming to LHP, Jeff had worked in a variety of industries including Amusement Park, Process and Aerospace. Jeff has been a Systems Engineer, Project Engineer & Program Manager over his career. Jeff has supported all phases of a project (Proposal, Development, Verification & Validation, Independent Assessment& Certifications, Production & Sustainment) on both a technical & programmatic (Profit & Loss responsibility) capacity. He has supported several process initiatives for multiple standards (AS9100, CMMI, DO178, EVMS, ISO26262, etc.) and will be supporting them for LHP & customer needs. He is supporting LHP’s Systems Engineering Process and is a member of International Council on Systems Engineering (INCOSE). Jeff graduated Cal-State Northridge for his Engineering Degree and Woodbury University in California for his Master’s Degree in Business Administration.

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What is Automated Test Equipment?

By Jeff Bodeau on Jan 31, 2023 4:28:13 PM

What is Automated Test Equipment? Introduction The automotive industry continues to evolve exponentially, but what does not change is that those developing new automotive products need to prioritize safety and reliability. The many processes within testing these products will remain essential to ensure that this era of vehicles mitigates drivers’ exposure to danger and system failures. As vehicles’ electrical and electronic systems become more complex, they will require continuous verification and validation (V&V)—which incorporates testing. V&V testing at the appropriate times and levels allows engineers to evaluate whether or not the component, subsystems, systems, and vehicles meet the function, performance, and safety requirements. There is specific automated test equipment utilized to perform this testing.\ Table of Contents What are automated test systems? How Does Automated Testing Work? How Beneficial is Automated Test Equipment? Summary
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What is Electric Vehicle Testing?

By Jeff Bodeau on Nov 3, 2022 3:28:52 PM

Introduction As several OEMs continue to announce the release of their new electrified vehicles, one can only presume that the world of automotive is shifting into something more heavily dependent on the electric battery (high-voltage). News about electric vehicles (EVs) is not that new, but the most recent development surrounding EVs may leave people feeling both excited and staggered—we are witnessing history being made within the evolution of automotive technology. As many of those working closely inside the industry can attest, it should be reiterated that this newly rising innovation will need continuous support to guarantee every aspect of electrification operates properly as intended once in the consumers’ driveway. Pushing the industry towards electrification, and presumably, the eventual mass implementation of EVs will shift the EV market and the overall automotive supply chain.