Nathan Haynes

Nathan Haynes

Nathan Haynes has served as a senior software engineer and application software technology grouping leader for LHP Engineering Solutions since 2014. He develops enterprise-scale web, mobile, and desktop-based applications for multiple OEMs and tier one organizations. He has worked with customer IT organizations to architect applications within their security and infrastructure requirements. In the past several years, Nathan has moved into the areas of application lifecycle management (ALM) and automated test systems. Using his experience with systems integration and communication protocols, he has developed unique approaches for the integration of these systems to help bridge the gap required for compliance with ISO 26262. Nathan has experience in security auditing of web applications in regard to cross site scripting, SQL injection, broken authentication and session management. He is a full stack developer and has experience in both software/database development as well as IT and cloud infrastructures. He began his career as a web and database developer in the healthcare IT industry, focusing on developing software that interfaced with a hospital’s Health Information System. His move to the automotive industry found him connecting factory floor PLCs to database-driven applications. This new technology enabled Nathan to develop business intelligence infrastructures to provide strategic decision-making information used by management. Nathan holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Science from the University of Southern Indiana and lives in Brownstown, Indiana.

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Effective Test Cases and How Inputs Influence Decisions

By Nathan Haynes on Apr 15, 2022 11:14:53 AM

Effective Test Cases and How Inputs Influence Decisions This is Part 2 in a series on creating high-quality test scripts. In “Writing High-Quality Test Scripts: Taming the Chaos,” we touched on the complexity of the testing environment, defined what a test script is, compared test scripts to test cases, and touched on some of the considerations for designing and developing test scripts. In this installment, we compare and contrast some of the inputs and outputs, examine the programming languages used, explore the impact of peer reviews, and take a look at the impact of test cases now and in the future.
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Writing High-Quality Test Scripts: Taming the Chaos

By Nathan Haynes on Apr 6, 2022 10:17:24 PM

Writing High-Quality Test Scripts: Taming the Chaos