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Transportation of the Future 

LHP and PerceptIn Partner to Deliver Autonomous Solutions for Microtransit Industry. 



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LHP Functional Safety Ecosystem

LHP has defined an ecosystem consisting of six necessary focus areas that, if pursued together, will place the development of autonomous vehicle technologies on the right track regarding safety, standardization, and automation.

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2.Ecosystem - Examples-8-1-19
5 min read

ISO 26262 Compliant vs. ISO 26262 Certified

ISO 26262 Compliant vs. ISO 26262 Certified

The question: When looking at functional safety, what...

6 min read

How to Ensure Your Vendor-Purchased Safety Integrity Level Packages Are Compliant

ASIL – ISO 26262/IEC 61508

If you purchase prebuilt (Automotive) Safety Integrity Level – ISO...

3 min read

What is ASPICE in Automotive?

What ASPICE Is and Why It Is Needed?


Product innovation in the automotive industry has been...


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